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April 5, 2018 is our 25th anniversary! I opened Loving Space School in order to provide an environment for kids that was hospitable, healthy, and especially, fun. Loving Space School believes in play, celebrates the joy of childhood, and delights in kids. We’ve spent the last twenty-five years creating foundations, making memories, and helping children feel seen and heard. At Loving Space, we believe that childhood matters. That your child matters.

In twenty-five years over 2000 children have been a part of our preschool and kindergarten communities. Each and every one of these children has been special and memorable to us. We are remembering you all now as we reflect on the last twenty-five years, and look forward to the years to come.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are setting a fundraising goal that is grander than ever before. As we approach our annual auction we are hoping to raise $25,000. We hope that you will consider contributing to our goal. We know that quality preschool requires outstanding staff and facilities and we have big plans. Some of the items on our wish list include:

• A new roof for the preschool
• Drainage for the Kindy basement
• Retirement contributions for long term teachers
• Establishing a rainy-day fund for emergencies
• Ongoing professional education for teachers
• New toys and supplies that create new installations or play spaces and make the school a richer place to play.
Your generous contributions will allow Loving Space to continue to thrive, so that many more generations of children can experience its magic.

Thank you! With gratitude and love,
Abby & the whole team at Loving Space