At Loving Space preschool, our goal is to enhance children’s creativity, stimulate their curiosity and broaden their opportunities for play.

At our kindergarten, our goal is to create a structured classroom environment which eagerly awaits spontaneous learning and discovery.

For more on our philosophy, here is the Loving Space Recipe:

We have selected from the philosophical ideas of many educators to create our own learning environment at Loving Space.

From Bev Bos, we have discovered that children learn best through exploration and experience.

From Rudolf Steiner, we have embraced the importance of honoring and nurturing each developmental stage of a child’s growth.

From Maria Montessori, we have found to trust a child’s innate desire for knowledge and to allow them to go at their own pace in learning.

From Reggio Emilia’s schools, we are inspired to allow children to work on social skills directly with their peers.

We like to look at our environment like a pot of soup…many educational ideas make up the broth; the children with their different developmental stages and personalities bring in the spice; the projects and “kid work” are like veggies to chew on, and the school itself warmly contains it all.

Each day our soup may taste a little different depending on what the children’s interests are, which spontaneous event is just around the corner, or which spice is in the air.

We invite you to come and try it.