Loving Space kindergarten is the perfect place for families who want their child’s kindergarten experience to be special. We offer warm and playful teachers and inspired curriculum. Our kindergarten provides an intimate, comfortable, and creative setting where each child’s individual level of learning can be met. Over the years there has been a push down for early learning that has most kindergarten programs now focusing more on concrete skills like letters, sounds and numbers instead of the more important underlying skills like curiosity, persistence, self-control and drive to learn; all things kids learn through play!  The more time a child has to play before entering elementary school the better their long term outcomes will be. At Loving Space kindergarten we honor child development and follow what neuroscience tells us about how children learn which is through play, connection and hands on experience with the world around them

.Classes are Monday through Thursday 9:00am – 2:00pm. Each week, we provide lessons and hands-on activities in six main areas: reading, writing, science, math, art, and life skills.

Loving Space kindergarten is a school environment that understands child development. We balance our focused learning time with ample amounts of free play and creative exploration. Parents are asked, but not required, to spend time with us in the classroom helping to supervise play. We offer children work that will challenge and inspire them while paying attention not to overwhelm with too much too soon.

Age: We want children to be 5 years old or close to it by the time they start our kindergarten program. All children develop differently and we honor that, so it’s difficult to put a date on exactly when a child may be ready for our program. If you think your child is ready reach out to us and let’s talk it through.

For more information about our kindergarten, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or visit the Contact page.