Parent testimonials

Here’s what some of our Parents have to say about their experience with us at Loving Space ❤️

Andi Vann said

Loving space kindy has been the BEST place for our son to explore life, be curious, see kindness and experience learning through play. He is empowered, encouraged and exposed to new elements of exploration each week in a fun and safe environment.  We deeply believe LSK allows our children to thrive and we’re so thankful for the hard work and energy that makes it what it is! 

Kelsey Carter said

Our daughter attends A Loving Space and loves it! The teachers are kind and responsive to the children’s needs. We have found it to be a ‘whole child approach’ where kids are encouraged to explore the different stations, do the sensory activities, ask questions, and move their bodies in the 2 outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for a strict curriculum where kids sit in their seats in one classroom this may not be the right fit. We know how much she is learning because she comes home singing new songs, counting, the alphabet, new problem solving skills, etc. We have been very impressed with how they come up with new and fun activities each week for the kids (before Christmas all the kids got to paint sections of a long sheet of paper that once dried was cut into pieces for kids to take home to wrap presents, after Christmas they asked parents to bring in trees to hang in the outdoor place for kids to ‘run through the forest’). Overall, we would highly recommend A Loving Space!

Emma Anderson said

We have been absolutely loving our experience with Loving Space this year. All of the teachers are wonderful and I really feel that they meet the kids right where they are. Every day I pick my son up, he is excited to show me some new area or activity he’s been exploring. He’s forming really sweet bonds with the other kids and I love how the teachers help guide them through any conflicts that may arise. I was lucky enough to witness Sherry doing this in action one afternoon. Definitely teaching our kids some wonderful lessons in communication and building relationships. The cozy reading area, the loft, the indoor swing and the cool space under the stairs are some of my sons favorite areas. Sending you all a big thank you for being such a safe space for my kiddo to learn and grow. 

Lauren Smith said

Our experience at Loving Space has been exceptional. In addition to being understanding and communicative, the teachers are joyful and FUN! The kids are really given the space to be themselves, to explore, to assess risk, work out conflict, take responsibility, experience delight, all while learning through play in an environment that teaches them how to be kind and be themselves. The research-based and balanced approach of unstructured time, life skills, hands-on science, and the foundations of math and reading lets the kids build on basic concepts, but also shows how interrelated things are. We feel incredibly fortunate that our son was able to spend a few of his most formative years here, in a space that lives up to its name!

Sara Gude Reznick said

Loving Space is the best! From the teachers to the programming this school is top notch. Our children have absolutely loved their experiences. The school has built an amazing community that we are beyond thankful to be a part of.

Cami Ene said

We feel so lucky to have found A Loving Space school. All of the teachers and staff are so welcoming and caring, and truly make school a home away from home. They are amazing!

Crystal Simmons said

It’s all magical! The teachers, the child led PLAY, and the top notch care that is provided. We have had 4 of our children attend loving space and I wouldn’t trade their experiences for anything! I can’t say enough about the fun that is had and the confidence that my littles gained in themselves and in building and navigating relationships. We are so thankful for the loving space community of friends and the teachers who whole heartedly invest in their kids.