At Loving Space, children are actively engaged in their own learning. Our curriculum emphasizes small group work and content that is authentic to the developmental needs and curiosities of kindergartners.

Our kindergarten is a place where active children are involved in the goings on. They are invested in their own learning. We encourage them to ask questions, to try new things, and to share what they know.

Each week we lead lessons and hands-on activities based on six areas of focus. Children work in small group rotations to explore the ideas they have learned and to practice new skills.

Art: An idea, a specific medium, or a concept is taught and children create and make it their own.

Science: Action-reaction, cause and effect. What happens when…and why?

Math: Patterns, numbers, shapes, addition, and subtraction.

Reading: A balance of phonics, whole word, song, rhyme, love of language, and lots of good stories.

Writing: Inventive spelling, journals, handwriting, a secret letter writing fairy. Words are power.

Life Skills: Every kid’s favorite! Independent skills and real life work.

And the BEST thing we do…

…support the whole child. What your child thinks and feels matters to us! We provide ample time for kids to talk, express themselves, play, and be valued for exactly who they are.

We are confident that your child will leave our school with a strong sense of self and a solid foundation for how to learn, how to speak up, how to work in a group, and how to share who they are and what they know.