Welcome to Loving Space School!

We are a private preschool and kindergarten in Bellingham, Washington. Two school houses make up one special community full of love, laughter, and good clean fun!

We provide a school experience where every person involved feels valued and knows they belong. We make school a place where kids want to be.

Learn more about our preschool and kindergarten. Visit our Virtual Tour.

Preschool sign Kindergarten sign

Here’s what the kids have to say:

“I like it here because we are all friends.” – Emerson (class of 2016)

“I got my niceness from Loving Space.” – Hank (class of 2014)

“The teachers are awesome, great people who made my kindergarten experience amazing.” – Meixing (class of 2008)

“Every day you went in you knew you were going to be loved and be happy. Those were the best days.” – Kaya (class of 2007)

“I remember learning and having fun at the same time.” – Harper (class of 2002)