Together we celebrate what childhood should be: a time to explore the world unhurried, surrounded by friends and encouraging grown ups in an environment filled with endless supplies and opportunities for creative play.

At Loving Space preschool, our goal is to enhance children’s creativity, stimulate their curiosity and to simply tickle their fancies. At our kindergarten, our goal is to create a structured classroom environment which eagerly awaits spontaneous learning and discovery.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A note from Loving Space School founder and owner, Abby Franklin:

I started Loving Space in April of 1993 with the intention of providing children with a healthy, creative, loving space to play. Hence the name. My original intention has grown into a passionate commitment to protect childhood. In our busy world where children are growing up too fast someone needs to stand up and say, “What about the children?” At Loving Space, we are working hard every day to provide a place where children can do the absolutely necessary work of childhood…play: the freely chosen and pleasurable imagining, exploring, manipulating, experimenting, relating, laughing, and risk- taking that constitutes real play.

In his book IN DEFENSE OF CHILDHOOD: Protecting Kids’ Inner Wildness, Chris Mercogliano states:

“It is through real play that children make some of their greatest discoveries: whom to trust, how to differentiate true from false and reality from fantasy, when they are ready for the next real challenging experience, where their boundaries end and the next person’s begin, and why things are the way they are.”

At Loving Space this is our goal: To provide children the space for real play.

Through the years I have spent working with children, I have become a wife and a parent, a more playful and trusting teacher, a better listener and friend and part of an amazing community I am proud to call Loving Space.

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