Frequently Asked Questions about the Kindergarten

What is the age cutoff?
We want children to be 5, or close to it by the time they start our kindergarten program. Age is only one factor we consider for enrollment.

What is the schedule?
We have school Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. There is no flexibility in this schedule.

What is the kindergarten tuition?
Tuition is $615.00 per month

What is the daily schedule at the kindergarten?

9:00 School opens. Children wash hands, sign in, put their things away, and start to play.

9:00-10:00 Choice Time. Kids get to decide how to spend their time. Activities will be available indoors and out for children to explore and delight in.

10:00 Snack Time

10:30 Clean Up and morning meeting. Kids gather on the front carpet for lessons on that day’s focus time activities. 

10:45-12:00 Focus Time. Kids work in small groups to complete activities in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Art, and Life Skills.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Choice Time. We typically spend this time at Harriet Spaniel Park one block from our school.

1:15 Chapter Book. During this time the children gather to listen to a book being read aloud while kids are pulled one at a time for individual literacy support.

2:00 End of the day. Children get to play until their parents arrive.

2:30 School closes.

How does enrollment work?
First, attend the Open House. If you wish to enroll a child, fill out an application. Once all applications have been received, we start contacting families to offer spots. We give priority to families already enrolled in our preschool. After that, we consider child’s age, past preschool experience, parent/guardian’s thoughts on educational steps for the next year, and desired ratio of ages and genders. When offering spots, we try to make the best decisions for both the kids and for our school.

Where do most kids go after Loving Space Kindergarten?
Every year is different. Typically, about 25% of graduates go on to public school kindergarten, 50% go on to public school first grade, and 25% go on to local private school first grade. Some children stay at Loving Space Kindergarten for a second year; we call these our K-2 kids.

How do kids transition to their next school environments?
We get very positive feedback from teachers. Many tell us they can recognize Loving Space kids because they engage well with peers, speak up for themselves, ask good questions, and know how to learn.

When is the next Open House?
The Open House is usually in mid-February. Check the Open House page for updates as we get closer.